Who Are We?

A Team of Licensed Professionals in Nevada

Our team is all set for you. We have the training, the license and the eye to personally evaluate your medical condition without wasting any time. Nevada MMJ Card Doctor has a robust team of physicians and support staff ready to take on your case at your beck and call.

The team aims at leveraging technology to reach every citizen who needs us, our assistance and consultation about anything cannabis. Our support personnel are available 24/7 to answer all your questions so don’t shy away from bombarding our staff with queries.

Our state licensed doctors will guide you in taking an educated step towards cannabis. We’re all geared up to clear the name of cannabis in the society and make it known as a herb and not a drug. A means of alternative treatment and not a means to get high.


Helping Patients Access Their Right to Cannabis

Convenient Online Consultations

Our telemedicine platform connects you with our licensed doctors for 420 evaluations. We eliminate the need for walk-in consultations by letting you apply for your MMJ cards from the comforts of your home.

Just fill out our pre-qualification form, get evaluated by a doctor and you’ll get your recommendation letter by email. It’s really that simple. Your medical history and the details of your consultation are solely revealed to your recommending physician.

Walk in Consultations With Experts

If you like the traditional in-person visits, you can opt for our walk-in consultation. Our state certified physicians will conduct your medical evaluation and write you a recommendation right away.

To have a walk-in consultation, all you have to do is call us at (775) 241-3905 and we will help you schedule your in-person visit as per the availability of the doctor.


Looking for a Medical Marijuana Doctor?

Let Us Connect You to the Best Doctors in Nevada

What’s Our Purpose?

We’re Here to Serve You

Helping you is our sole purpose and that’s exactly why we’ve made the process so easy for you. No stepping out of your house, no more waiting in line, and definitely no shame in depending on cannabis for your needs.

We believe that medical marijuana should be accessible to all who can benefit from its use and we’re on a mission of removing the stigma around cannabis. Our platform gives everybody an easy way to apply for a recommendation letter, without asking you to step into our clinic.