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There is no dismissing the significance of applying for a medical marijuana card in any rec state of the United States of America. Despite the legalized status of adult-use cannabis in the rec states, the added benefits that a patient with an MMJ card enjoys are truly spectacular. This is why getting a medical marijuana card even in rec states like Nevada is supremely important.

However, in addition to getting the card, it is also important for the patients to be aware of the concept of MMJ card renewal. What are MMJ card renewals, what are the benefits for patients if they renew their MMJ cards in time, we’ll go through each popular query associated with the MMJ card renewals in Nevada in this blog?

What Is an MMJ Card Renewal? 

MMJ card renewal is a process that helps in extending the expiration date of a state-licensed medical marijuana card. For patients whose medical marijuana card is nearing its one-year anniversary, it is imperative for them to submit a renewal application form to continue using medical marijuana services for the treatment of severe diseases in their bodies.

It is important to note here that all the medical marijuana cards issued by different states only last for one to two years maximum and not more than that. This means a patient has to mandatorily apply for a renewal if they want to continue using the help of this alternative form of medicinal therapy.

In the state of Nevada, the working life of a medical marijuana card is 1 full year and after that, the MMJ patients have to renew that Nevada medical MMJ card. This is a simple yet significant task that has to be performed.

How to Renew an MMJ Card? 

The process of applying for an MMJ card renewal in Nevada is quite comprehensive. However, there are a few steps that a patient must always keep in mind to ensure that they don’t mess up the process.

Being Mindful of the Important Dates 

One sensitive issue that people should always be mindful of are the important dates. What was the date when the medical marijuana card got approved and when did the card expire? If a person is smart enough to keep up with the timeline as closely as possible it is possible for them to maintain a healthy schedule of consuming marijuana for as long as they want.

Since in the state of Nevada, the life of a one-time issued medical marijuana card is 1 year, it is important to monitor the dates closely. From the date of issuance till the expiration date, the patients must be aware of them all, so that they can apply for the renewal well in time. The period to apply for the renewal is usually 30 to 45 days prior to the expiration date.

Resubmitting of Relevant Documents

There is a list of important documents that are required to be submitted when one starts to apply for the medical marijuana card renewal. We say resubmitted because the same documents have already been submitted once before. This helps the state stay up to date with the important personal information of the patient like their address, current photograph etc. The important documents include:

  • Proof of Address or Residencies like a rent deed or electricity bill
  • Copy of either the state-issued Identity Cards or the Driver’s License
  • A recent digital colored photograph
  • Along with of course, the latest medical marijuana recommendation

Resubmitting each of these documents will ensure that the patient can easily renew their cards when they apply for the renewal at the end of the year.

Consulting With the Concerned MMJ Doctors

Another major step in the process is to consult with the concerned MMJ doctor that the patient had previously consulted with. An application for a medical marijuana card only gets approved when the patient sits down with a doctor and elaborates on their need for the MMJ card based on the disorder or disease they’re suffering from.

For the renewal as well, the patient needs to again consult with valid MMJ doctors. It is left up to the patient to decide whether they want to reach out to their old clinics or find new ones. This also helps the patient in understanding the severity of their issues and accurately updating their current marijuana dosage schedule on the advice of their doctors.

Submitting the Application 

The last step in the process is submitting the renewal application. If the patient has dutifully completed all the above steps from being mindful of important dates to submitting the updated documents to consulting with the doctors, the patient can now finally submit the renewal application. In Nevada, the renewal application form can be found online.

Along with the application, there is a small fee to be paid. After the submission of the application form and the relevant documents, the patient will be issued their MMJ renewals in due time.
Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card

Why Should You Apply for an MMJ Card Renewal?

It is quite important for a patient to apply for an MMJ card renewal if they want to keep using marijuana for the treatment of severe diseases in their body. In the US state of Nevada, there are a lot of benefits a patient with a medical marijuana card enjoys namely, stronger legal protection, tax reduction benefits, reduced age limit, more possession, cultivation, and purchase of cannabis at one time, and whatnot. However, unfortunately, the time period for an active medical marijuana card is only one year.

To keep using marijuana, there is no other option for the patient but to apply for a renewal. In fact, it is considered quite an easy process that can be applied from within the comfort of the patient’s home. Hence, there is no denying or doubting the process of renewal in Nevada.


This blog has been presented for the benefit of the citizens of this state. They can now begin the steps to renew their medical marijuana cards as soon as their expiration date is two months away.

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