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Growing cannabis in Nevada is legal but there are strict terms and conditions applied to it. You are allowed to grow cannabis if you live at least 25 miles away from the closest licensed dispensary in your area. Medical marijuana users, however, are allowed to grow their own cannabis if they are too sick to travel and the dispensary fails to supply marijuana. Patients can apply for a Medical Marijuana Card Nevada online to enjoy these benefits.

But growing your own cannabis isn’t as easy as it may sound. There are a lot of things that need to be considered at every step. There are several rookie mistakes that almost every new cannabis grower makes and if you are starting for the first time, you will most definitely need to avoid them. To know what these mistakes are, keep reading!

Not Keeping it Private

This is one of the biggest mistakes that literally every new grower makes. Not a technical mistake but definitely something that needs to be addressed. You are not supposed to let people know that you are growing cannabis at your place. Even if you are doing it legally, the plant is federally illegal and your neighbors can probably take action against you.

We get it, smoking-free marijuana that too of a quality that you yourself can swear by is a huge deal and you have all the reasons to brag about it. But this brag can attract repercussions that none of us want. It is always recommended to grow your cannabis as discreetly as possible. In fact, even according to the Nevada laws for the cultivation of marijuana, it is clearly mentioned that the grower is required to grow the plants in a place that is not easily visible from the streets.

Not Investing in Quality Seeds

It may come as a shock to a lot of people but the majority of cannabis growers don’t care to invest in good quality seeds. In fact, we have come across so many growers who tried growing marijuana using seeds they found in the bud they were smoking. Ask them why and they will tell you how good that bud was which led them to believe that the plant will be good as well. It doesn’t work like that. Please don’t try to grow cannabis from low-quality seeds. You will fail miserably and that isn’t something you want as a beginner. Invest in high-quality seeds even as a beginner so that you don’t end up putting all your efforts into nothing.

Not Learning Enough About the pH Level

Growing cannabis is not just about sowing the seeds and watering the plant until it’s ready to be harvested. There is a lot more technical stuff that needs to be taken care of. Growers usually ignore learning about it and end up growing a plant that is nutrient deficient. It won’t be wrong to say that this unawareness and ignorance can even kill your plant, leaving you with nothing in return for all the efforts and time you invested in watering and nurturing the plant.

The pH level of the soil matters. Right from the beginning, you are supposed to make sure that the pH level of the soil you are using is favorable for the growth of your plant. You can purchase a scale to check the pH of the soil beforehand. Professional growers suggest that cannabis requires slightly acidic soil to grow properly so you need to aim for 5.5 to 7 pH for adequate growth.

You need to maintain the pH level at all times. Just purchasing the right soil and thinking the pH level would remain the same won’t do.

pH levels of the soil help in the absorption of nutrients. They tend to increase the bioavailability which makes sure that the plant gets all the nutrients. A lot of times the discoloration of the cannabis leaves is due to poor bioavailability and the reasons can be traced back to the unfavorable pH levels of the soil. It may sound a little confusing and overwhelming but maintaining the pH levels of the soil is pretty easy. All you have to do is keep the level in check and alter it by using additives in the water.

Watering Frequently

While new cannabis growers don’t drown their plants by overwatering, they end up watering the plant frequently which can lead to similar consequences without the grower even realizing it. It is one thing to water the plant so much that you can see water in the pot. A totally different scenario where you water the soil as and when you feel it is dry. Your plant may not be thirsty even though the soil may look dry to you. The best way to avoid this mistake is by sticking your finger around an inch into the soil. If the soil is damp, you don’t have to water the plant.

Going a Little Strong on Nutrients

Just like watering frequently, beginners end up feeding the plant more than required without realizing it. No, giving more nutrients isn’t going to pace the process. Neither is it going to make sure that your plant is healthy. Instead, it can ruin your plant. Consider your plants like your pet or child. You may feel like feeding them everything and all the time but that is not the right thing to do. Overfeeding has its own repercussions. It is better to stick to the instructions and start low and slow as they suggest you while medicating with cannabis.

Restricting the Roots

As aforementioned, growing cannabis is not as easy as it may seem. You can’t keep the plant in the same pot and expect it to grow. After a point, you will have to change the pot. It is going to be a delicate and stressful process, we are not going to suggest otherwise. But this is important. A lot of cannabis growers don’t realize that the roots of the plant are going to grow as well and they would require more space. You will be required to change the pots around 2-3 times, depending on the size of the plant and the pot.

Thinking Too Much About It

Coming to the end, we have to mention this one. While there are people who literally dive into the process without even buying the right quality seeds, there is a significant population that thinks too much about the process that they end up going nowhere. You are supposed to experiment, experience, fail and try again. No matter what plant you are trying to grow, the process remains the same. As a learner, you are supposed to try and learn. You can’t just sit there waiting for the seeds to sow themselves and the plant to grow on its own. It isn’t going to happen, unfortunately.

Bottom Line

Growing cannabis is neither as easy nor as difficult as people assume it to be. Sure, the plant requires some technical knowledge and proper attention but we believe that is true for almost every plant or living thing. If you wish to grow your own cannabis, we highly recommend keeping these mistakes in mind so you don’t end up making the same common mistakes literally every new grower makes. But we also recommend experimenting and not letting the fear of failure hold you back.