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For millions of people, cannabis is an amazing alternative to modern medicine. However, the topic still remains a little controversial and you may not always feel like disclosing that you smoke/ ingest it regularly. Although the thing about smoking marijuana is that it tends to leave an odor.

Whether you have children coming over and want to be careful they don’t inhale secondhand smoke, your parents they may not approve of your medicinal choices, or simply a friend who does not like the smell. Regardless of the reason, it is best to cover up the smell of cannabis in your home when you have someone coming over (unless they assure you it is fine with them).

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How to Remove the Smell of Cannabis From An Indoor Space?

Even if you live in a state with legalized use of medical marijuana, you may have come across some situations where you had to get rid of the smell in a jiffy. So, the next time, follow one of the methods stated below instead of panicking.

Covering Up the Smell After Smoking

Although smoking marijuana leaves behind a very strong smell, you can ask it to the point where it is very faint.

  • Get an air freshener/ diffuser – An air freshener may seem like the obvious solution here, but you have to make sure you pick a strong smell. You can also opt for gel fresheners that slowly release their fragrance in the room. However, this may not work if you have people visiting all of a sudden. The same goes for a diffuser. It may work better than an air freshener, but it will take some time.
  • Opt for an odor remover  – Odor removers have an added advantage over air fresheners. You can spray them on carpets and furniture to get rid of persistent smells. This is particularly useful for people who enjoy smoking on their sofas. Just make sure that you read the instructions before purchasing an odor remover as some contain warnings against using the product on furniture.
  • Cook something with a strong smell – This is not the best option if you actually want to get rid of strong smells but makes for a great excuse to tell your guests. Just cook up something with a strong smell that would overpower the smell of weed. You could also cook with Patchouli oil. It has a very sweet earthy scent that lasts a long time. Not to mention, it has many health benefits.

Removing the Smell From Hair and Body

Smoking weed can cause you to smell like it too. Sometimes, it may not go away for hours and much longer for heavy users.

  • Clear your breath – Smoking will impart a smell to your mouth that will be noticeable to the people talking to you. It is best to brush your teeth, followed by a mouthwash. If you want to take extra precautions, you can also chew on mint gum for some time. Breath strips are also a great option.
  • Use a perfume – Using a strong perfume is the perfect solution to cannabis oils, tinctures, soaps, etc. These products specifically leave a smell on your body, which a strong perfume can combat. Opt for musky, earthy tones.
  • Removing the smell from your hair – If you plan on just spraying deodorant on your hair, it most likely won’t work. The result will be dry hair and an unpleasant mixture of smells. The best solution would be washing your hair or covering it up with a hoodie or a cap. If possible, you can just maintain some distance from the people around you.

How to Prevent the Smell of Cannabis From Spreading?

If you’d much rather prevent the smell from spreading rather than covering it up afterward, opt for one of the following options.

  • Store it properly – Perhaps the only thing you can do to prevent the smell of weed from entering every corner of your house is to store it properly. You can use Ziploc bags, airtight containers, or even place an air freshener next to your Ziploc bag containing weed.
  • Burn incense before smoking – This is a quick fix even when you suddenly feel like smoking weed. All you have to do is light an incense stick five minutes before lighting a blunt/ joint. It will thicken the air and release a strong, yet pleasant odor. Some users perform this method after smoking too, but that may not work if you have people coming over.
  • Try using alternative products – Vaporizers vaporize the active ingredients in cannabis, allowing you to inhale it without lighting anything. However, vaporizers often cost around a hundred bucks, but they last a long time. You can also try a one-hitter, a portable device that looks like a cigarette. They also produce a very faint smell like vaporizers.

How to Remove the Smell of Marijuana From a Car?

Before we get into this, let’s clarify a few things.

  • It is not acceptable to drive after smoking weed in any circumstances. Even if you are in an emergency, look for an alternative mode of transport.
  • Smoking in public is still illegal throughout the USA.

However, you are allowed to smoke cannabis in a parked car on private property. To remove this smell, you can follow the steps below.

  • Keep a strong perfume in your car – This is also great for when you have to transport cannabis regularly.
  • Open a box of takeout – You know how you step into a car with takeout and it immediately fills it with an irresistible aroma? Well, that should also help you mask the smell of cannabis for a while.
  • Open the window – Ventilation is necessary. When you’re returning from a medical marijuana dispensary, make sure to drive with your windows down.
  • Use coffee grounds or baking soda – If you are not in a hurry, you can leave open baking soda or coffee grounds in your car overnight. Sprinkling them all around the vehicle works quicker but the cleanup will take just as long.


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